Networkdialogues Think Tank: Corporate Alumni Networks – Leveraging Intangible Assets

For the FirstTuesday/openBC Think Tank on “Corporate Alumni Networks – Leveraging Intangible Assets”, Dr. Christian Kruse (University of Zurich/ETH) and I prepared a presentation on “Networked Collaboration – Collaborative Networking”.

We focused our input on the different levels of oberservations in social networks (individual, teams/departments, whole organization/whole network); how network relationships are embedded, showed examples of the Swiss Banking Industry and displayed a couple of network diagrams that show how different actors outside of the core of the organization are integrated into the overall network.
Christian gave the presentation and got a lot of positive feedback.


3 thoughts on “Networkdialogues Think Tank: Corporate Alumni Networks – Leveraging Intangible Assets”

  1. Dear Ines,
    is there any way you could make your presentation on Corporate Alumni Networks accessible on this this site (or elsewhere, for that matter) ? Thanks, Steffen

  2. Dear Ines,
    I am currently researching literature on corporate alumni relationships for my internship at a large international consulting firm. I would like to know whether there is a possibility to get a copy of the paper “Networkdialogues Think Tank: Corporate Alumni Networks – Leveraging Intangible Assets” sent by e-mail or perphaps get a more extensive summary of results that you have found?

    Basically i am wondering if this paper is open for the public or whether you might have any other leads as to literature on the subject of online alumni relationships.

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