Obama’s Science, Technology and Innovation plan

The Obama/Biden Science, Technology and Innovation plan is up on change.gov and fascinating to read – it focuses on true Web 2.0 elements to engage citizens in the process of solving problems.

Using the wisdom of the crowds, elements of collaboration, social networking to connect citizens with each other, online deliberation elements and create a more transparent government by opening up the federal government.

Although most of the statements are still on a fairly general and unspecific level, the promise behind an open, transparent and connected government is clearly stated. Judging from the tools and the openess of the presidential campaign, this should be a success as well.

I am looking forward to find out who will be elected as the first CTO (Chief Technology Officer). We have some very innovative federal CIOs – pick one of them who already is an innovator.

change.gov includes a link to “Of the people, By the people” button through which everyone is invited to submit their ideas.


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