Implementing Social Media in the Public Sector, in: State & Local Energy Report

The State & Local Energy Report has published a short piece I wrote on how State Energy Officials can implement social media in their agencies given the limited scope of outreach they are allowed to do.


About Ines Mergel

I am Full Professor of Public Administration at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at University of Konstanz, Germany. Previously, I served as Assistant and then Associate Professor (with tenure) at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, NY. In my research, I focus on informal social networks in the public sector and the adoption and diffusion of digital service innovations in government organizations. I teach classes on social media management, digital government, public management, and social network analysis.

One thought on “Implementing Social Media in the Public Sector, in: State & Local Energy Report

  1. Thanks for the array of resources here. On Dec. 6th, I’ll be part of an NC local government peer-to-peer networking group on social media. They are part of Will bring your SM in Pub Service book + ref. to your IBM guide.
    Have you done research on Code for America? Charlotte, NC will have a team of fellows during 2014. I am in the early stages of developing a case study approach. Hope we could talk briefly – John Stephens – P.S – With Tina Nabatchi, I’m part of

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