My class blog makes the list of 50 must-read federal IT blogs

So proud of my students: FedTech Magazine published its list of the 50 must-read federal IT blogs today and my class blog “Digital Government and Social Media in the Public Sector” made it on the list. Very proud of my students!

Each student has to contribute at least five blogposts during the semester. It’s a difficult task, especially for former (and soon-again) government officials who are trained to write in government memo-style and usually don’t post their opinions or assessment publicly on a blog.

Some of the blogposts replicate our discussions in the class, my lectures, current events, but also introduce tools used in government operations in other countries. The diversity of the topics makes it a very rich experience for the students. They hear voices beyond my own in the classroom and I use the blog to supplement the material I present. Every time, someone mentions a video or a report that was not part of the reading material posted on Blackboard, I encourage the students to go online and share the links or videos on our class blog. I keep adding every new group of students as authors each semester and this eight-year old blog has now grown into a a large community of former students.


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