Launching ‘Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age’

Repost via “Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age“ Digital has changed the way that billions of people live their lives. It has transformed the way that couples meet and friendship groups evolve. It has allowed millions to shift their place of employment during the pandemic. It has given nations new ways of going toContinue reading “Launching ‘Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age’”

Call for Papers: Special Issue “AI in the Public Sector” in PMR

AI in the public sector PMR Special Issue call for papers Guest editors This special issue will be edited by an experienced team comprising Professor Helen Dickinson (University of New South Wales, Australia), Professor Ines Mergel (University of Konstanz, Germany),  and Professor Jari Stenvall (Tampere University, Finland). Rationale This special issue will provide a resourceContinue reading “Call for Papers: Special Issue “AI in the Public Sector” in PMR”

Agile: A New Way of Governing

By Ines Mergel, Sukumar Ganapati, Andy Whitford Pre-print accepted for publication in Public Administration Review Full reference: Mergel, I., Ganapati, S., Whitford, A. (2020): Agile: A New Way of Governing, in: Public Administration Review, published online on May 18, 2020. Abstract The evolving concept of agile has fundamentally changed core aspects of software design, projectContinue reading “Agile: A New Way of Governing”

Making Government Agile

by Ines Mergel, Sukumar Ganapati, Andrew Whitford Abstract We sometimes dismiss Agile methods too easily – that they are nothing but colorful post-its and hype. Our goal here is to help public managers see how Agile concepts can be part of the standard toolbox of teams and managers working at all levels of government. WeContinue reading “Making Government Agile”

Competencies for the digital transformation of public administrations

Abstract: The digital transformation makes it clear that public administrations lack skills for its implementation. This article reports on the results of expert interviews and shows ways to achieve digital maturity in public administrations. Introduction: The digital transformation of public administration is increasingly shifting the focus to competencies instead of processes and tasks. HR departmentsContinue reading “Competencies for the digital transformation of public administrations”

Prosocial motivation of IT professionals joining government (new article)

Together with Nicola Bellé and Greta Nasi, I analyzed the motivation of IT professionals joining government. At times, when IT workers have a large amount of choices and are more likely to get higher paying jobs outside government, how can government align incentives to attract talent to the workforce? To answer this questions, we analyzedContinue reading “Prosocial motivation of IT professionals joining government (new article)”

New article analyzing the context in which digital service teams emerge

I just published a new article in Government Information Quarterly on digital service teams. In this article, I apply an existing framework of context to explain how digital service teams emerged in nine different countries. The paper is available in open access format online: Suggested citation: Mergel, I. (2019): Digital service teams in government, in:Continue reading “New article analyzing the context in which digital service teams emerge”

New article: Defining digital transformation

As part of the EU Co-VAL project, we interviewed 40 experts to understand what the next wave of digital government looks like. The paper was recently published in open access format in Government Information Quarterly. Here is the abstract: Digital transformation approaches outside the public sector are changing citizens’ expectations of governments’ ability to deliverContinue reading “New article: Defining digital transformation”

First prize for good public administration!

Together with the city network ANDI (agile network for digital innovation), I won the first prize for good public administration (Verwaltungspreis). We were selected for our work combining human-centered design in the classroom with real-life digital transformation projects in several cities in southern Germany. The partners include Konstanz, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, and others. Exciting times, whenContinue reading “First prize for good public administration!”

Open Public Administration Scholarship (OPAS) – a platform to display research-based teaching results in digital transformation of the public sector

I built a platform to quickly share the results of my courses with the public so that public administrators can access the information in plain language: Open Public Administration Scholarship (OPAS). The knowledge for the short memos published here comes from my research-based seminars on the digitisation of the public sector. The students work togetherContinue reading “Open Public Administration Scholarship (OPAS) – a platform to display research-based teaching results in digital transformation of the public sector”