Book chapter: Sustainability of Online Ties

Thomas and I have published a revised version of our Online Sustainability conference paper in the official proceedings of the ASNA 2006 conference book. You can download the chapter here. More information about the book is available on

The full reference is:

Mergel, I./Langenberg, T. (2007): Sustainability of online ties, in: Friemel, T. (Ed.): Applications of Social Network Analysis, UVK Universitaetsverlag Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany, pp. 51-71.

Full table of content:

Applications of Social Network Analysis (Introduction)
Thomas N. Friemel

When Exactly do Social Relations Become a Resource?
Marina Hennig

The Friendship and Study Networks of Public Administration Students
Tevfik Erdem and Nail Öztaş

Sustainability of Online Ties
Ines A. Mergel and Thomas Langenberg

Using Social Network Analysis to Study Actor / Information System Relationships – Exploratory Research
Nicholas L. J. Silburn

The Influence of Actors’ Coalition on Policy Choice: The Case of
the Swiss Climate Policy
Karin Ingold

Network Centrality and International Conflict, 1816-2001:
Does it Pay to Be Important?
Zeev Maoz, Lesley Terris, Ranan D. Kuperman and Ilan Talmud

Topology and Vulnerability of the London Underground System
Ferenc Jordán