New working paper: Tying the network together

David Lazer (Northeastern & Harvard University) and I have just posted a new working paper titled “Tying the network together – Evaluating the Impact of an Intervention into the Advice Network of Public Managers“. It’s up on the Social Science Research Network for comments. We are in the process of making some substantial changes toContinue reading “New working paper: Tying the network together”

Academic networking & social media

I recently presented my ideas on why academics should tweet and blog too at a symposium at Syracuse University called “Tenure Track Dream Team”. A little over 140 students who are currently on the job market attended the day – about 8-10 were actively using Twitter and 2-3 tweeted during the conference. I focused myContinue reading “Academic networking & social media”

James Fowler on the Colbert Report

James Fowler talks about the strong influence of social networks and how they affect our lives: The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c <td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'James Fowler Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Economy

Book: Influence of social networks on the adoption of eLearning practices

On a personal note: Just designed the cover of a new publication. My dissertation (from 2005) will be available in a print-on-demand version soon. An increasing number of public institutions of higher education are realizing that there is a need to integrate innovative technologies into their curricula in order to enable students to access andContinue reading “Book: Influence of social networks on the adoption of eLearning practices”

Is online social networking making us sick?

The Institute of Biology, UK, has published a paper called “Well connected: The biological implications of ‘social networking’” (pdf file). In this paper, the author Aric Sigman argues, that the more time people spend online, the less they have direct contacts with other human beings. Here is the abstract: One of the most pronounced changesContinue reading “Is online social networking making us sick?”

MC Hammer at HBS explaining Twitter

A new expert on social networking, MC Hammer, spoke at HBS about how he uses Twitter effectively. Instead of letting other people talk about him, he says that Twitter is a way of controlling what people hear – directly from him. The session was taped for a special issue on Twitter for Good Morning America.Continue reading “MC Hammer at HBS explaining Twitter”

Your (online) social network predicts your shopping behavior

Not a very new concept, but it seems that the advertising industry adopts the “Birds of the Feather… buy together” concept now. It’s interesting that very traditional social networking concepts, such as peer pressure, preferential attachment, etc. Studies on who to target to effectively spread rumors in networks have lead the way for effective onlineContinue reading “Your (online) social network predicts your shopping behavior”

What happy people do… socialize…

I just read in the NYT about a study based on data collected from 45,000 Americans to understand what kind of activities people do who are happy. It turns out: they socialize – instead of watching TV. Not a big surprise, but again something that needed proof. Connected to this: I had lunch with oneContinue reading “What happy people do… socialize…”