Launching ‘Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age’

Repost via “Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age“ Digital has changed the way that billions of people live their lives. It has transformed the way that couples meet and friendship groups evolve. It has allowed millions to shift their place of employment during the pandemic. It has given nations new ways of going toContinue reading “Launching ‘Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age’”

New seminar: ‘Digital Transformation in the Public Sector’ at the University of Konstanz

This semester I am teaching a new seminar that focuses on a relatively new topic: The challenges that public administrations are facing when they are aiming to digitize their analog services. Under the catchy term “digital transformation”, many are looking to not only move from analog to digital, also redesigning, automating, or abandoning outdated administrative actsContinue reading “New seminar: ‘Digital Transformation in the Public Sector’ at the University of Konstanz”

Government 2.0 class – students commenting on their own learning process

I am teaching PPA730 Government 2.0 for the fourth year with the challenge that the topic is truly a moving target. The course schedule organically evolves each semester – basically in parallel to the developments in the public sector. Four or five times throughout the semester guest speakers from government organizations join us to talk about their experiences eitherContinue reading “Government 2.0 class – students commenting on their own learning process” in the classroom: Government 2.0 syllabus in the classroom features resources for K-12, Universities, and Education in the World. Among them is Karim Lakhani’s case study developed at Harvard Business School, Beth Noveck’s Democracy Design Workshop Do Tank, and now also my Government 2.0 syllabus. I have been teaching this class for the last three years and the onlineContinue reading “ in the classroom: Government 2.0 syllabus”